How to talk about doctors?


Session 4

Word Interpretation
internist diagnosis; internal organs
gynecologist female reproductive organs
obstetrician pregnancy, childbirth
pediatrician infants
dermatologist skin
ophthalmologist eyes
orthopedist skeletal system
cardiologist heart
neurologist nervous system
psychiatrist mental or emotional disturbance

Session 5

Word Interpretation
gynecology specialty dealing with women’s diseases
obstetrics specialty dealing with the delivery of newborn infants
pediatrics specialty dealing with the treatment of children
pedagogy principles of teaching
demagoguery stirring up discontent among the masses
dermatology treatment of skin diseases
taxidermy stuffing of skins of animals
hypodermic under the skin
epidermis outer layer of skin
pachyderm elephant
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
ophthalmologist eye doctor
optometrist one who measures vision
optician lens grinder

Session 6

Word Interpretation
orthopedics treatment of skeletal deformities
orthodontia straightening of teeth
neuralgia nerve pain
neuritis inflammation of the nerves
geriatrics specialty dealing with medical problems of the elderly
cardiogram record of heart beats
cardiograph instrument for recording heartbeats
neurosis emotional disturbance
psychosis mental unbalance
psychiatry treatment of personality disorders


Suffix Meaning
internus inside
gyne woman
obstetrix midwife
paidos child
pedis foot
agogos leading, leader
demos people
derma skin
hypos under
ophthalmos eye
oculus eye
monos one
bi- tow
-ician expert
opsis, optikos vision, sight
metron measurement
pachy thick

How to talk about doctors?
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February 13, 2023
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