How to talk about personality types?


Session 1

Word Interpretation
egoist believes in self-advancement
egotist talks about accomplishments
altruist is interested in the welfare of others
introvert turns thoughts inward
extrovert turns thoughts outward
ambivert turns thoughts both inward and outward
misanthrope hates people
misogynist hates women
misogamist hates marriage
ascetic doesn’t pursue pleasures of the flesh

Session 2

Word Interpretation
ego one’s concept of oneself
egocentric one who excessively fixated on his own desires, needs, etc.
altruism philosophy of putting another’s welfare above one’s own
to alternate to take one, skip one, etc.
to alter to change
altercation argument
egomaniacal morbidly, obsessively wrapped up in oneself
altruistic interested in the welfare of others
alternative a choice
alteration a change
alter ego one’s other self
alternate other possible

Session 3

Word Interpretation
ambidextrous capable of using both hands with equal skill
dexterous skillful
sinister evil, threatening
gauche awkward
misanthropic hating mankind
anthropology study of human development
gynecology study of female ailments
monogamy system of only one marriage
bigamy illegal plurality of marriages
misogyny hatred of woman
polygamy custom in which one man has many wives
misogamy hatred of marriage
asceticism devotion to a lonely and austere life
philanthropy love of mankind
adroitness skill, cleverness
polygynist male with a plurality of wives
polyandrist female with a plurality of husbands
anthropologist student of the development of mankind
gynecologist women’s doctor
philanthropist one who engages in charitable works


Suffix Meaning
ego self, I
alter other
intro- inside
extro- outside
verto turn
ambi- both
misein hate
anthropos mankind
gyne woman
gamos marriage
asketes monk
centrum center
mania madness
dexter right hand
sinister left hand
gauche left hand
droit right hand
monos one
bi- two
polys many
andros male
-ist person who (noun suffix)
-y Practice, custom, etc. (noun suffix)
-ous adjective suffix
-ity quality, condition, etc. (noun suffix)

How to talk about personality types?
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January 21, 2023
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